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Last updated: February 2017


I hate the side effects associated with taking painkillers so I have tried many alternative therapies over the years and I've found massage to be the most effective.

I go to Synergised Fitness for massage and find this extremely benefitial. Some weeks I have massage on my back which often gets very stiff and achy because I have Scoliosis. Other weeks we'll work on my lower legs and feet which improves circulation (my feet go a lovely "normal" colour) and really helps relax muscle spasm.

Massage ...Massage

Recently I had surgery on my feet and found this massage extremely beneficial in relaxing the muscle in my knees and subsequently easing the pain. My mum learned some massage techniques years ago on a trial ran by Ataxia UK in partnership with Coventry University so I bought some almond massage oil and she continued to work on the area as she has many times previously when I've had other aches and pains. I also am very lucky to have a massaging bed which was the lot of money but worth every penny!

This website has been around sinse 1998, and although it's changed a lot over the years it's always been about me and my disability. Over the years I have used many different hosts and website design packages. For the past ten years or so I have used 1&1 as my host and I have always been very happy with it. I have always wanted to learn how to build a website from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver, so about three years ago I got in touch with Polar Solutions and arranged for a trainer to come out to my home to teach me at my own pace. So I now design this website using Adobe Dreamweaver and the skills I learned on that course. I designed the buttons using Cool Text.